Jakks Pacific Micro village* 3x3 (+/- 2,5cm)

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Jakks Pacific Micro village* 3x3

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Jakks Pacific Micro village* 3x3

  1. Cake smurf, jokey smurf, grouchy smurf
  2. papa smurf, normal smurf, smurfette
  3. Brainy smurf, clockwork smurf, robot smurf/ clockwork smurf

Condition of the smurf: New.

Jakks Pacific produced some Micro Village smurfs.  These very small smurfs (+/- 1,5 cm tall) will be delivered in a blister packaging together with some extra accessories and/ or their houses. Collect them all and create your own small smurf micro village.  

Note: The smurf can always be a little bit different than the photo. If you are looking for a specific smurf or variant, please contact us before you order.